Ignorance in Politics

Now, I’m talking small town, local politics. Do you know of it? Have you ever experienced it? Oh, but you must. It’s lovely this time of year. Just sit back and let me take your enlightened mind on a terrifying journey into a land known only as… Intentional Ignorantom. Or would you rather visit a sleepy little placed called… Generational Stupidopolis? It’s completely your choice. They’re located very near one another. I mean, they are blood kin and all. So it only stands to reason…

Very well, brothers and sisters. Shall we begin?

Picture it. You’re walking down a seemingly endless highway, heat waves blurring your dusty horizon. The ocean lay just up ahead. But your journey hasn’t quite taken you that far, not just yet.

The midday rain only proved to raise the humidity, and settle about half the dust. But the dry breeze was kicking it back up now, leaving your throat parched and raspy.

I believe a quick rest is in order, my good friends. Let’s sit in the shade of that withering kudzu-covered bolder over there. Just a few quiet heartbeats spent in deserved relaxation. What harm could come of that?

Oh, look. That teasing little cloudburst we walked through earlier, has left a tiny puddle. Here, near the base of our granite resting place. Let’s have a look. Shall we? Oh, I do so love wondrous little happenings, such as this. Finding tiny wee pockets of magic sprinkled about in ordinary places, it gives me goosebumps, makes my toes curl.

Ahh… Do you see that? Look closer. Is that a fish? Wow, it’s glorious. All covered in spots, sparkling rays of the blazing sun bouncing off its shiny scales. Like I said, magic.

Oh, oh, oh, look it, look it. There are tons of tiny fish in there. Amazing, I had no idea we’d be blessed with such a grand discovery. I’ve got butterflies dancing across my goosebumps. Now that’s excited, ladies and gentlemen.

What’s that big spotted fish doing? Is he pushing the little plain gray fish around? Aww, that makes my soul cry. Bless their hearts. There’s barely enough room to move around in that little puddle, and now the big one is bullying them. Such injustice, such malice. He should be more thankful for his watery little world. It might be small, and it might be cramped, but at least it isn’t dry land.

Watch how he pushes them around, tries to rule them all. Perhaps someone should teach old Spotty Sparkles a lesson in humility. Someone bigger than him, just to show him what it feels like.

I know! Let’s take him with us. We can drop him off in that pond over there. That should fix it. The little ones wouldn’t be oppressed anymore, and the big one will have more room to swim around, more room to grow into the limitless potential he believes himself capable of.

Perfect. It’ll be like our good deed for the day.

Come on. Help me catch him. Careful now, he’s slippery.

There we go. Just a few more steps and he can greet his new home with that radiant smile and overinflated ego he treasures so highly. Help me ease him down into the cool water, we don’t want to damage his lovely scales, he’s so proud of them.

Ahh…look how fast he took off! There’ll be no stopping him now. He’s diving right into the heart of the darkened depths. Yes, we have done a very good thing indeed. Watch how he…

Oh. Oh dear. Did you see that? The big blue one, there, in the center…he just gobbled up our Spotty Sparkles like he was but a minnow. Wow, and Spotty was so full of himself, so proud, he never saw it coming. What a shame…

Oh well, such is life. Pride goeth before the fall and all, or perhaps in this case, before the digestive tract. I guess he wasn’t nearly as big as he believed himself to be.

Alas, surely there is something else we can blame it on. Someone else we can hold responsible for his tragic fate. Perhaps his parents were too strict. Mayhap the fish in the puddle just let him get away with it. Or, just this once, let’s say it could’ve possibly been his own fault. Just a little. Don’t you think?

I mean, he was a full grown fish and all, not a wee helpless babe. No matter what life dealt him in that puddly world he was cursed/blessed to be born in, he was fish enough to take care of himself now.

Too bad he honestly believed he was such a big fish… Reality sucks sometimes. Huh? Imagine that.

Maybe next time we’ll catch that big blue one ruling over the pond, take him on to the ocean with us. Just to see what other amazing things might happen. Oh, I do so love watching all this drama play out. Suspense is like a drug…exquisitely addicting. Is it not?

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